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Why doesn’t anyone tell you that babies need A LOT of stuff beyond what’s on the registry?! Thanks to a few of my friends and family members who recently had children, I was able to compile our necessary registry items based on their experience and recommendations. The most important questions I had asked and wanted to know were “Which items do you get the most use of, and which items did you put on your registry that you could’ve lived without.” I’m not one to hoard a bunch of items in our household, so I wanted to make sure we only put items on the registry that we would need and get plenty of use (for both mom and baby). With this said, there are some items below we have not yet used yet as he is still young, but we plan to and i’ll be happy to review once we use those items!

After comparing the advice and items that my family and friends shared with me, I found that there were a number of items that came highly recommended across the board which made choosing products much easier. I’m not sure how many of you have walked into a buybuybaby, but there are about 20 plus kinds of ONE product and its extremely overwhelming walking into it blindly.

We didn’t put a ton of clothes on the registry as my mom mentioned that oftentimes people will buy lots of clothes once the baby is born. This was a great piece of advice! I did end up putting a few outfits on there just to give an idea of the style we preferred (neutrals). I’m extremely extremely picky with his clothing, and I have no shame. Our child – our rules! I refuse to buy / keep anything that will only be worn once as we do not hold emotional value to items. The one thing I do recommend for clothing (ahh the unsolicited advice) is only adding onesies with the zipper from the bottom up or outfits with 3 buttons at the bottom. Also stretchy and soft ones! We love onesies with buttons near the crotch as they’re easy to get on and off. So convenient!

Registry items for baby:

Downloadable link for registry items with all item links!

Changing / bathing:

  • Silicone changing mat vs. a cloth changing mat
    • creates less laundry & you can simply wipe the mat down if an accident happens or baby spits up while changing (another thing nobody tells you about lol)
  • Diapers & wipes
    • You need a lot of these! You can always return unopened boxes to Target for the FULL price if they carry the product/brand (even without a receipt – you’ll receive merchandise credit).
  • Diaper Bag
    • We have the Large and love this bag! Holds a ton, and it’s easy to organize.
  • Changing mat
    • If your bag doesn’t come with one or an extra for the car! We have one in the car for emergencies!
  • Wipe dispenser
    • We didn’t do a wipe warmer as we didn’t feel it was necessary, but some people swear by these.
  • Tubby Todd Diaper Paste
    • I only apply this after baths which we do about 3-4 days, but this helps prevent or get rid of diaper rashes. We have one small one in the nursery and one in our diaper bag!
  • Ubbi Diaper Pail with Ubbi bags
    • You can also add the on the go Ubbi diaper bags in case you have a dirty diaper and nowhere to dispose of it until you get home, but so far we haven’t needed these. We can use these for Gus though, so they won’t go to waste!
  • A baby bathtub
    • We have a large farmhouse sink and use the bath in our sink, but you can use it in your tub as well.
  • Baby bath seat for tub


Feeding/Utensils (we have not used some of these yet as we haven’t started solids/food due to his age):

  • Silicone bibs
  • Burp cloths
    • Put 15 on here! Some for home around your house, some for the car, some for your diaper bag. You can never have too many burp cloths!
  • Highchair
  • Milk storage bags
    • We have never had an issue with the Lansinoh bags
  • Haaka with lids
    • I wish I invented the Haaka! This product is incredible and well designed. It’s great for those times you need to let some milk out due to engorgement but don’t feel like pumping. Very easy to use and clean. I have two in case I want to use both at once or have one in another bag for traveling. Plus, it’s nice to always have a backup in the case one is dirty. I’d get the ones with lids in case you use these in the middle of the night and don’t want to put in the fridge for another 4-6 hours based on guidelines.
  • Haaka Colostrum collector/feeders
    • I totally forgot to use these in the hospital but remembered to use these once we got home while my milk was coming in! You can collect your colostrum in these collectors and feed the colostrum directly to baby.
  • Bottle Sample Box
    • You never know which bottle your baby is going to like, so I took the advice from everyone and didn’t add any specific bottle to our registry. Fortunately our little man wasn’t picky with any bottle, but we stuck with the Comotomo to best mimic my breast.
  • Bottle drying rack
  • Utensils
  • Cups
  • Silicone plates
  • Plates and divider plates
  • Snack Catcher
  • Baby food storage glass containers
    • Not necessary, but i’ll use these for leftovers and our own food as well!
  • Teethers
  • Imani I2 Portable Pump
    • GAME CHANGER!! These are awesome for when you’re out and about or simply want to get things done around the house. No need to park yourself on the couch. Here’s my code for 10% off!
  • Legendary Milk Silicone Cups
    • Here’s my code for 10% off! I use these with my Spectra so I don’t have to buy bras with flange holes. Same output and much more gentle on the breast.
  • Spectra S1 pump (does not have to be plugged in)
    • If you plan to pump at least once a day, having extra parts is a game changer in case one set is dirty!
  • BreastFriend pillow (WAY better than boppy)
    • I don’t think I would’ve figured out nursing without this supportive pillow! One of my biggest struggles was not having the right support when trying to feed. This is incredible & you can wash the cover.
  • Nursing Cart
  • Nipple pads (reusable and or disposable ones)
  • Bottle Bag
  • Portable Bottle Warmer
    • If you’re going to add this to your registry, please be sure to list my code for 15% off: BONLAPETIT15. This will be my go to gift for friends who plan to use a bottle (they have a formula option for this as well)!


  • SwaddleMe Velcro Swaddles
    • These are easy to use and the velcro is very convenient
  • Muslin Swaddles
    • I recommend NOT adding these to your registry as you’ll receive a bunch either at the shower or post birth. These are great for daytime naps/visitors, but more difficult to use for us specifically. Make for a good light blanket.
  • KyteBaby sleep bag
    • Recommend getting 2 in each size (.5 and 1.0) as you have to hang dry and these take awhile to dry.
  • KyteBaby bamboo sheets
    • These are SO soft! Must hang dry, so I recommend a few for backup. I would hold off on using these until baby is beyond the consistent spit up sleep phase. We use The Honest Company crib sheets for now as our little man loves to spit up during most naps/sleep.
  • Newton Crib Mattress
    • Either the waterproof one OR get the regular and add the waterproof mattress pad to your registry. This is one of the most safe and breathable mattresses on the market. It comes with a price tag, but it gives us mommas a peace of mind at night.
  • Vava nightlight
    • This is great for middle of the night feedings or to carry with when walking to the nursery. Sensitive light for baby’s eyes at night to avoid waking them up fully
  • Hatch Sound Machine + Light
  • Nanit monitor + travel kit
    • Must have wifi, but it’s so convenient to pop the monitor off your wall and pack it with you when traveling vs. buying another type of monitor. Your phone ends up being the monitor, so there isn’t a separate monitor to look at which some may not like. You can turn background noise on your phone so that the monitor can always be heard. So far no issues with this monitor and we like it a lot! Clear image.
  • Humidifier
  • Portable sound machine

Seats/Play: we didn’t put a lot on here as i personally think one or two is enough.


Items for mom:

Furntiure (optional):

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