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With a new year also comes a new me. So far, 2018 has proven to be a year of positive changes and perseverance. 2018 is also the year I have decided that it’s time to share a few thoughts, ideas, and experiences in terms of food, clothing, workouts, destinations, photography, and life itself. In other words, all the things I love that seem to be of a common interest!

Back in college, I once asked my professor; “what if the product or business I am trying to build is already being created by thousands of other people?” He responded; “you can always do it better or adapt to a specific market segment. There is no such thing as too many.” In all honesty, my Instagram feed consist of about 96% posts from bloggers, and each and every blogger seems to have their own characteristics and talents that sets them apart from one another. So why not add one more?!

It wasn’t until recent when I found out how much I truly enjoy cooking (and eating of course). Pinterest is my bible for recipes thanks to the creative “chefs & bakers” who share their own experiences throughout the process. I may be a vegetarian but if there is one thing I don’t believe in: it’s bland food. Taking recipes and giving them a healthy twist is something I’ve set my heart to lately; however, treating yourself should never be forgotten. Let’s be honest, butter and sugar are good for the soul every now and then!

If there is one thing I have always believed in, it’s ‘quality over quantity,’ aside from cookies of course, give me all the cookies! Not all desired items have a pretty price tag, but if they last and you’re happy with the product, go for it (keeping your budget in mind of course). I often feel the desire to share a review with others when I happen to have a good or bad experience with a product or place.

I’ll share plenty of my favorite items such as; favorite brands, recipes, travel recommendations, and items to fill the roof covering your head. I cannot and will not purchase an item without first reading the reviews. In fact, if reading over reviews was a profession, I’d be a master! And of course, I never purchase an item without seeing if it’s on sale elsewhere because who doesn’t love a good sale!?

Feel free to contact me directly with any recommendations you’d like to hear more about. Welcome to the journey. 

All photos were taken by me. Please do not replicate. 

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