Rocky Mountain National Park

Boulder, Colorado – Places to Explore

I’ve clicked my heels together multiple times in the hope it would bring me back to Colorado ASAP. 


So far, Colorado is my absolute favorite destination ever visited. I had never been out West before our trip to Colorado aside from Arizona during my youth. My eyes were glued to the mountains as we flew into Denver Airport via Southwest Airlines. We went during the first week of May and basically had summer weather the entire 3 days (we had flight credit again so we booked a mini trip to avoid taking too many days off work). Apparently it snowed heavily the day after we landed back home (thank you lord for giving us a few days of sunshine and warmth)!

We stayed in a hotel in Boulder near Pearl Street. Pearl Street has so much to offer and caters to a wide range of people. The street is filled with endless restaurants, breweries, ice cream shops, retail stores, and plenty of night life. The best part about the street is the backdrop which is a view of several green mountains. The view of the sunset is absolutely mesmerizing! Click here for a list of restaurants and breweries.

Boulder Colorado

We got off our flight, picked up our rental car, and headed straight to Denver Biscuit Company for breakfast, duh. From there we decided to go straight to the Chautauqua/ Flatirons mountain since we couldn’t check into the hotel. We had to walk up a large hill before we got to the actual hiking part. Ha! I thought I was in shape until I could barely breathe! Coming off a long respiratory cold probably didn’t help much either. Luckily our bodies adjusted quickly and we were able to pick up the pace with ease as we journeyed forward. We arrived to a section where it was nothing but a mountain of rocks and all I could picture was taking the wrong step and causing a rock avalanche (picture below). Probably wouldn’t the most peaceful way to go….

Boulder Colorado Hiking 1/2 Iron

The nice thing about these trails is that there are plenty of people around in case you have any questions such as, “are we almost at the top yet?” I’m not sure what it is but every single person we came in contact with during our short stay was over the top friendly. We took the same way down as we did up. I personally enjoyed hiking up rather than down because I felt like I was going to slip multiple times. Probably should’ve invested in a pair of hiking boots rather than flat Nike gym shoes.

Rocky Mountain National Park

The hike is worth the view(s). Don’t forget to stop every once in a while to take in the views as they are different from every angle. See below. My mom was not happy when she saw this picture because she thought I was sitting on the edge of a mountain; however, it was just the angle of the picture.

Boulder Colorado Cliff

We headed to Rocky Mountain National Park after another delicious breakfast at Snooze an A.M. Eatery. Everyone, this was the most beautiful (and scary) routes I have EVER driven. The greenery and change of elevations was unlike anything I have ever experienced.

Rocky Mountain National Park Pond

We did a relatively easy hike on day two that took a few hours or so. We even saw a baby moose! One of the most mind boggling things about our hikes was seeing snow as we walked around in tank tops and tee shirts. At one point it reached above 70 degrees and I was roasting! There was snow in front of us and flowers blooming aside our path.  There are SO many routes to take here so you could easily spend a few days here. We chose not to do a few routes we had in mind because they had more snow than expected. Unfortunately we didn’t have the proper gear for those conditions. I highly recommend stopping at one of the visitor centers to grab a map and ask for suggestions.

Boulder Colorado Creek

After our second day of hiking we decided to do a 3 mile walk along Boulder Creek. The water was so clear you could probably drink it. There were a few people splashing around in the shallow water but I wasn’t trying to float away. This was a very peaceful and pretty walk. The sound of the creek could have put me right to sleep (or maybe it was the 4 hour hike we did earlier).

Hiking Boulder Colorado

If it weren’t for our jobs I would pack up all our belongings and move to Colorado in a heartbeat. The people, the views, and the fresh air will keep me coming back. Thank you, Colorado!

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