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Sam & George’s (S&G) Restaurant

AKA Skillet Heaven

If you dine in at S&G and tell me that you couldn’t find a skillet to your liking, I’m thinking you’re in need of a taste bud check. S&G has been serving delicious food for more than 50 years – they’re experts! Family owned restaurants are my favorite because the workers treat the customers like family and friends. This is the place you’d walk into every morning and see the same people because the customers are loyal to their great service.

I’ve ordered the Avocado skillet and asked for additional vegetables. The skillets come with toast of your choice and various jellies. You can easily get two meals out of the skillets which is a win-win situation! We always order a side of pancakes as well, which are equally as delicious. Jeff has ordered the Kevin L Special, Joe’s Special, and Tex-Mex skillet in the past. All the meat was cooked perfectly.  He’d order them both again (wish we still lived close).

One day my boyfriend was sick, so I ran over to S&G to grab some soup. They change the soup daily and I’ve never had a bad soup from S&G. They even added a little bowl of fruit which was kind and considerate! You can order over the phone if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home.

If you’re not in the mood for breakfast or a skillet they have PLENTY of other options on the menu. A few of the most common ordered/recommended entrees are: bloody Mary’s (homemade mix), Porky “Family”, or the Combo.

While you can enjoy this restaurant year round, stop by in the summer to enjoy the outdoor patio and sunshine! Vegetarian friendly and excellent customer service.

Golden Apple

Located in Lakeview right across the street from S&G. Golden Apple is a one stop shop that’s open 24 hours a day. They even sell Gatorade to help take care of the damage you did from the night before! My friends and I have been here a number of times at almost all hours of the day (pancakes at 2 AM never tasted so good). We’ve even seen people working on their laptop at 2 AM.

Chicken tenders, soups, skillets, pancakes, and milk shakes are the most common meals we ordered throughout our stay in Lakeview. The service is quick and the staff is very friendly. Option to order out as well which is ideal.

Golden Apple is perfect for those times when you’re with a group of people who all want something different. This is your classic diner with a menu full of staple items, if not more. The food is all reasonably priced and the portions are great.


One time my friend and her coworkers got off a night shift from the hospital and chose to dine in at Yolk with a few bottles of champagne. Mind you they were all in their scrubs, so picture watching a bunch of nurses take down a bunch of champagne not knowing they just got off work (rather than going to work). Too funny!

Yolk is a BYOB breakfast restaurant. Perfect way to start off your day with some friends (boozy or not). The menu consists of your standard breakfast items and the food is pretty yummy. I’m not a fan of red potatoes, so their breakfast potatoes would be my only complaint. I went with the 3 egg scrambler which is hard to mess up – I ate almost everything. The meal comes with potatoes and a choice of pancakes or toast. Jeff went with the Corn Beef Hash and loved it. This is one of his favorite skillets.

There are multiple locations throughout the city which is nice. Head on over to Yolk and give it a try. Don’t forget it’s BYOB!

Wildberry Cafe

Located under the Presidential Towers near Millenium Park. We enjoyed our meal here (thank gosh) considering we waited over an hour and a half. The restaurant, no matter the day, is ALWAYS busy which is why we finally agreed to wait it out and give it a try. There is typically a wait the entire time they’re open, but they do a good job and texting you once your table is open. Wildberry does not take reservations so I would recommend going as early as possible.

We both ordered skillets (I wasn’t kidding when I said I loved skillets), orange juice, and shared pancakes. The pancakes were so outstanding that I still think of them to this very day. They were soft and fluffy with a great flavor. I need to know their secret! The waiter brought out a tray of condiments and my boyfriend thought one of the items was whipped cream. He took a little spoonful only to find out it was butter (cue the ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’ phrase). Yuck. 

Plan on waiting if you’re going to try Wildberry. Despite how busy they are they never make you feel rushed. Head on over to Millenium Park or the lake while you wait.

Siena Tavern

Everyone, Chicago has a bajillllion restaurants but Siena Tavern is hands down one of my top favorites! I’ve been here a couple two three four five + times. Their brunch is awesome, their lunch is awesome, their dinner is awesome, and their dessert is even more awesome! The service here is great and it’s one of the reasons I always come back. Siena does things differently and for the better. They take a standard menu and add a fancy twist to all of the items.

The brunch here is different. If you wan’t basic pancakes you’re not going to get basic buttermilk pancakes – instead, try their Almond Pancakes that are loaded with lemon cream and almond butter. The menu items I would recommend are: the Avocado Toast (according to the generations outside of Millenials- we won’t be able to afford houses if we keep spending money on this toast), Breakfast Pizza, Egg Sandwhich, Tiramasu French Toast, Breakfast Skillet, or the Monkey Bread. Honestly, all of the brunch items are recommended but those are the only ones I have had so far.

Order the Bomboloni for dessert. These are delicious and you can stuff them with your favorite sauces like chocolate, caramel, or raspberry. Picture a light and airy donut lightly coated in sugar.


I could go on and on and on with recommendations, but use this list as a reference for the next time you’re trying to decide where to eat. 

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