Chicago Pizza

Chicago Pizza Joints – Thin Crust

Chicago pizza is the best kind of pizza there is – no ifs, ands, or buts!

Vito & Nicks

Easily my favorite Chicago pizza joint. A classic thin crust joint that is more of your football game pizza. Great variety of size pies with multiple topping combinations. The sausage is my family’s go to, but I’m a plain Jane so the cheese is my absolute favorite. The pizza is very thin and cut into tiny (almost bite size) pieces. I’m pretty convinced I could eat a whole small pizza by myself but I have yet to test that one out. If you’re in Chicago, head to the original location. Now, if you’re visiting the suburbs of Chicago, head on over to Rich’s Pizza Joint in Tinley Park as it’s the same pizza…just different owners (from my understanding). Either way – you cannot go wrong with this pizza and a beer!

My brother and sister-in-law had their rehearsal dinner here and I’d choose this over a fancy place all day every day!

Piece Brewery & Pizzeria

Not kidding, this could be the best thin crust in town and easily one of my top favorites in Chicago. This pizza is reminiscent of a New York thin style triangle pizza. I am absolutely hooked! I’ve picked up a medium cheese pizza here before and it was still SO delicious after a 10 minute ride home (give or take); however, I’ve had this delivered and it took over an hour so the pizza did not taste the same at all (not Piece’s fault by any means). It was still delicious but it dried out as it got cold. That being said, I highly recommend dining in at Piece Pizzeria.

The sizes of the pizza are great and the pieces are cut into multiple tiny slices (hence the name Piece?). Grab a beer as they’re also known for their hand crafted brews.

Pizzeria Serio

Pizzera Serio is pretty serio(ous) about their pizza. Cracking myself up over here. On top of their great customer service, the menu contains endless combinations with a great char crust from a brick oven – not to mention $3 16 oz PBR’s!!! You have the option to create your own pizza or order from a list of their preferred options (which we highly recommend). Great deals during the week so swing on over and give it a try! If you’ve got more in you, stop by Scooter’s Frozen Custard shop just a street over.


Coalfire is one of a kind! Its exotic yet known pizza combinations keep us coming back for more…and more. Coalfire has fantastic thin crust pizza with a great crisp from the coalfire oven. A few of their pizzas come with whipped ricotta on top and it makes it different from any other pizza we’ve ever tried. N’duja sausage pizza with whipped ricotta is a must if you like meat on your pizza. Vegetarian? Plenty of options.

Coalfire does NOT take reservations so I highly recommend getting there early to at least put your name in. If there happens to be a wait – it’s worth it.

Siena Tavern

Pepperoni may seem like such a classic, but no one has done it better than Siena. I’m serious. Siena Tavern is honestly one of my top 5 favorite restaurants in Chicago as they have options on the menu for everyone. They have typical menu options; however, Siena adds an amazing magical twist to each of their orders. You must order the Burrata, fries, Kale Caesar salad, meatballs, pepperoni pizza, truffle mushroom pizza, and their Number 2 & 11 drink!

I don’t think you could go wrong with a single menu item but the Burnt Pepperoni and Truffle Mushroom pizza are out of this world delicious. The pepperoni is spicy, the cheese is cooked/broiled perfectly, and the crust has the perfect amount of soft and chewiness. Checkout my Chicago breakfast recommendations post for Siena!

Spacca Napoli 

Oh. My. Gosh. If you want to pretend you’re in Italy for a meal head on over to Spacca Napoli. I cannot say enough great things about this place. Their customer service and food are spectacular. I would highly recommend ordering a bunch of their appetizers to share as they are all delicious. We had a burrata type cheese, octopus, bread, and a bunch of pizzas. We stuck with a classic Peroni for our beverages.

Check out the Marinara, Marghertia, Enzo, Bianca Regina, and Sei Formaggi. We ordered many more but those are a few that I remember.

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