Cindo De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo Roundup

Before I list off a few of my recipes for Cinco De Mayo – check out my list of Mexican Restaurant recommendations if you’re in Chicago! It’s the perfect list if you’d rather go out than stay in and cook.

If you’re a new follower there’s one thing you must know about me, and that is that I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD & drinks!

Here we go, are you ready!?

If you goal for Cinco De Mayo is to have a few people over (or attend another party), make sure there are snacks! If you’re not hosting and are going to a friend’s place everyone will LOVE you for bringing appetizers. I’ve noticed that we used to never see snacks or food when going to a friend’s house before going out, but the older we get, the more i’m beginning to notice that a few appetizers are popping up here and there. You’ll be praised and the food will be gone in seconds! Ok let’s be real, most people will see the food and be too intimidated to eat it at first… wait till everyone has a few drinks and they’ll be diving for that food, trust me. Try making a few of my recipes below for the big day!

Sweet Potato Guacamole

Guacamole with Sweet Potato and Cotija Cheese

This is your classic guacamole recipe, but better. Bake a sweet potato and toss it in your guac. This guac is clearly extra.

Want a salsa to go with the guac, or two salsas!? Try my Peach Mango salsa or Chunky Chef’s Restaurant Salsa recipe.

A sweet, yet still salty, salsa with a little kick from the jalapeños. Toss everything in a blender and call it a day.

Homemade Paprika Tortilla Chips with salsa


Your classic restaurant salsa restaurant that you can easily whip up on 5 minutes! This has the perfect balance of your classic salsa ingredients. 

Pair the salsas above with my homemade Paprika Tortilla Chips recipe!


This queso recipe above is a must. An absolute must. It takes roughly 10 minutes to make (+ 10 minutes to chop up the veges), but it’s worth it.

Roasted Chickpeas

The crunchy taco seasoned roasted chickpeas are also unexpectedly delicious! Season, bake, and share!

Now, if you’re looking to make a meal for your guests I have PLENTY of options for you!

I’ll start off with my taco salad recipe because salads are pretty simple and this is one of those salads you don’t want to pass up. You can make this with ground turkey or ground beef and omit the chickpeas.

Taco Salad

Thinking tacos? My absolute favorite taco recipe I’ve made so far is my Panko Crusted Avocado Taco recipe. The name might sound complicated but I promise you they’re so simple to make, and not to mention sooooo delicious!

Vegetarian Tacos with Panko Avocado and Chipotle Crema

Not into avocados (are you crazy)?! Try my Cauliflower Panko Roasted Tacos instead.

Cauliflower Tacos

Really want to please the crowd!? Make these vegetarian or ground turkey crunchwraps (stuffed with veges and Doritos)!

Vegetarian Crunchwrap

Vegetarian Crunchwrap above.

Ground Turkey Crunchwrap

Ground turkey crunchwrap featured above with southwest chipotle dressing and avocado crema.

Lastly, you cannot forget the drinks! I created a homemade grapefruit margarita without the sugar…which means you can have multiple rounds 🙂 !


Happy Cindo De Drinko! 




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