CorePower Yoga Teacher Training

CorePower Yoga Teacher Training Day Eight

CorePower Yoga Teacher Training day eight was filled with tons of laughter! The kind of laughter where you begin to lose focus and control over your bladder! Why? Because we’re all tired, learning new material, and just having fun. It’s all about having fun and trusting the process throughout these eight weeks. Will we teach perfectly by the end of the eight weeks? Probably not, but that’s more than ok. Life is a never ending learning process and we must trust that process as we continue forward.

Day eight consisted of our second to last posture clinic! I cannot believe we are almost done with learning the sequence! We did a quick flow through the hip series and sat down together to break down each posture. The hip series has A LOT of transition where breath doesn’t always have to be cued for each movement. It was a bit confusing at first, but once we ran through it a few times it became a bit easier. The key with this series is that every student is going to look different doing each posture. That being said, it’s important to mention modifications and have strong verbal alignment cues.

After we broke down the postures, we split off from one another and practiced teaching our OMie. It’s so much easier to teach when you have a student to cue (especially a “bad student”). Our teachers tell us to be bad students – meaning we shouldn’t move into the postures until our OMie gives us the right cues. For example, if we’re moving to the left side and my OMie says “open up to the right” we should reach up to the right (even though we should be on the left). We learn to correct ourselves when we see this happen. We don’t just want to memorize a sequence without adjusting a student’s posture.

We gathered back together again and decided to jump right into another round of Round Robin teaching! Our teacher would call on a student to lead a specific section and then switch students mid practice. Getting up in front of one another is such a great learning experience. It helps people gain confidence, find their voice, and really tune into their own teaching style. Everyone did great again!

Our teacher asked us to focus this journal on a glow and grow (something you can work on) from teaching today. I’d have to say i’d like to focus my grow on breathing with the students and learning new engagement/breath cues. Rather than saying one more inhale or inhale here over and over, i’d like to incorporate a bit more deepening cues for the breath. I also need to understand that some silence is ok. You don’t always have to be talking or cueing breath as students will do this naturally on their own. My glow is the concept of walking around the room and adjusting student’s postures by observing. Often times when we’re new to something we find ourselves standing still versus navigating around a room to teach. I personally find that walking around the room eases my nerves, and I begin to forget there are teachers in the back of the room.

We had SO much fun during round robin! I couldn’t stop laughing at times as we’d all laugh if something funny would happen. Plus, our teacher was giving the best hints for upcoming poses if anyone got stuck and forgot what came next. We all felt like we were playing a game of Charades. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing yogi students!

I am PASSIONATE to learn, grow, and share with the world around me.

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