CorePower Yoga Teacher Training

CorePower Yoga Teacher Training Day Eighteen

WThis will be a relativity short post about CorePower Yoga Teacher Training day Eighteen because we only practiced teaching round robin style today! We are preparing to teach beginners on this upcoming Thursday! All of us were assigned a part of the sequence to teach, and on Thursday we’ll be teaching to new students!

My OMie and I had the same parts we practiced in previous round robins, so this was helpful! I have the Triangle Series of the C1 sequence, and my OMie has the section right after mine.

The teachers gave us general feedback throughout the class and then went individually around to break apart some glows and grows. This is so helpful! I felt comfortable and knew/know the sequence, but I need to work on less pacing around and more smiling! I’m so in the zone when I teach that I came off a little serious LOL.

Our beginners are taking class this upcoming Thursday at 8PM and we can’t wait to show the students what we’ve learned. Yesterday’s round robin was amazing because it really showed how everyone progressed over the past 6 weeks (I still cannot believe 6 weeks have gone by)! Everyone’s unique teaching voice really shined yesterday and I loved all of the cues and verbs.

I am PASSIONATE to learn, grow, and share with the world around me.

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