CorePower Yoga Teacher Training

CorePower Yoga Teacher Training Day Fifteen

Only 9 more trainings left. I’m shook! Where did the time go and how on earth has it flown by this fast?! Cleary us yogis have been having fun during CorePower Yoga Teacher Training! Day fifteen was quite different than the other sessions to say the least. Why? Because we had block babies (a block under our shirts to resemble a child in a womb).

Uhm girl, why on earth did you yogis have blocks under your shirt while flowing through the C1 sequence all together? Wait, you mean you don’t practice with blocks underneath when you practice yoga?! LOL! Today was focused on prenatal modifications as well as contraindications. The purpose of the blocks was to witness how it feels to practice yoga while pregnant. Ok, I’m sure it feels much different in real life, but we flowed with blocks to get an idea. Let me tell you.. IT WAS HARD WITH THE PRETEND BABY IN THE WAY! Shout out to anyone who has practiced yoga while carrying a child.

Yogis who practice during their pregnancy are encouraged to avoid twisting, compressing the stomach, laying directly on their stomachs, and laying on their backs for long periods of time. They should also avoid crunching left and right, but may lay on their LEFT side when in fetal position. Lastly, core should be avoided during class. Instead, students should find a comfortable seat while students run through core.

We learned that if you never practiced yoga prior to becoming pregnant, you shouldn’t start when pregnant (unless it’s specifically prenatal yoga). However, if you’ve been practicing yoga for some time, it is said to be OK to continue during pregnancy as long as your doctor gives you the OK. Always listen to your body when it comes to making these decisions.

We also discussed contraindications which covers injuries. It’s important to ask new students if they have any injuries the teacher should be aware of. We do this to make sure we don’t provide an assist that would worsen an injury or cause any pain to the student. The teacher will also mention modifications in class if they are aware of any injuries. Specific postures should be avoided with injuries or health issues. For example, you should not participate in forward folds (or any posture where your head is below your heart) if you have low or high blood pressure.

Oftentimes students will mention an injury they have if they feel the teacher should know. A lot of students will bring their hands to heart center rather than lifting them up by their ears if they have shoulder pain. This is the perfect example of a modification to avoid shoulder pain!

Overall, today was so much fun! The Starbucks next door was actually closing for good, so we ran over there as a team and got everything for free! That was a nice little treat!

I am PASSIONATE to learn, grow, and share with the world around me.

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