CorePower Yoga Teacher Training

CorePower Yoga Teacher Training Day Four

When I was younger I would come home from school and go directly to gymnastics practice. There were a number of days where I just wanted to stay home and get other things done, but the moment I got to practice I became fully invested and forgot about not wanting to be there. The same applies for CorePower Yoga Teacher Training (TT). I look forward to TT every single day, but there are some days where my body and mind are a little tired before class. However, the moment I step foot in the studio my energy becomes alive again! I honestly never want to leave when I’m there! So far this training has been one of my favorite life experiences.

CorePower Yoga Teacher Training

Day four was very similar to day three of TT. We ran through the Sun B and Core series of the sequence together at the beginning of class to channel into the inner sensations of each posture. We gathered into a circle again and each student would head to the middle mat to demonstrate a pose within the sequence. I was the body for Extended Side Angle. The instructors would cue me from the previous posture to Extended Side Angle using the breath to posture cue method. For example: (coming from warrior II) Inhale reach forward. Exhale extended side angle. Tick tock your arms to six and tweleve. Ground down through the knife edge side of your back foot. Square your hips towards the side wall. Press your forearm into your thigh, thigh into forearm. Open your heart up to the sky. Reach your left fingertips towards the ceiling. Bring your gaze up. etc…

CorePower Yoga Teacher Training

After each demonstration we would discuss the energy lines, misalignment, modifications, and benefits of each post. Do you ever realize all of the things your teacher mentions when you’re in a class mid pose? They typically mention something about where your energy lines are, how to correct the posture (using cue formula), how to modify a pose, and the specific benefits of each posture. Extended Side Angle is a powerful pose as you press through your leg and glute muscles. You also lift up through your oblique muscles to avoid dumping your weight down towards the ground.

Once we demonstrated and dissected all of the postures together we got together with our OMie and practiced teaching 3 times through. No matter which class you take at CorePower, you’ll always flow through the first Sun A and B once slowly. From there, you’ll run through the same flows 2 (2 more in C1) or 3 (the third time in a C2 class typically has a few changes) more times flowing breath to movement. The modifications and alignment corrections are omitted the second and third time around. My OMie and I definitely feel more comfortable teaching one another since we practiced teaching on day three. I try and block everyone else out in the room when I’m teaching my OMie in order to remain focused and become more comfortable. DANCE LIKE NOBODY IS WATCHING!

Dog Smiling
Here’s a picture of our dog smiling! Use this as a reminder to smile throughout your practice!

We gathered together again and ran through the Core series. This was pretty quick and straight forward as we do these exercises throughout most of our classes. It’s much easier to learn and grasp something when you’ve had experiences with the exercises. We broke off with our OMie again and ran through this series quickly. Main focus was to make sure to offer up the three options for Boat Pose (Navasana). The optiosn are to keep your toes on the ground, toes lifted, or straighten through legs with arms out to your sides. It is key to remind your students to continue to breath and even smile!

We did a round robin again at the end of class from Sun A all the way through core series. This was so much fun and we’re getting better and better at this each training! Rather than doing round robin with alignments we simply cued the breath and posture to get used to the sequence order. These classes FLY by so fast! I wish I could just sleep there and practice each and every day for hours on end!

I am PASSIONATE to learn, grow, and share with the world around me.

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