CorePower Yoga Teacher Training

CorePower Yoga Teacher Training Day Fourteen

Fourteen happens to be my favorite number, and day fourteen of CorePower Yoga Teacher Training just so happened to be my absolute favorite day of training so far! As we’ve done in previous classes, we started off by sitting in a circle and just saying the sequence using breath + posture. One person would start saying “inhale tuck your toes” and the next student would say the next move “exhale downward facing dog.” We did this until we finished the entire sequence verbally. This was the smoothest verbal sequence we’ve ever ran through! It’s really starting to show that everything is beginning to click amongst everyone.

From here, we went right into another full class of teaching round robin style! This was so much fun and different than the last rounds because the two teachers that were with us yesterday did the class along with us! The teachers sat in the back and observed last time to take notes and what not. Not only did the teachers take class along with us, but they also incorporated the music and lighting this time around! The music made the class feel more realistic and created such a good vibe.

Our teachers told us which section we would have about 5 minutes before (so it wasn’t a random popcorn round robin like previous classes either). This was helpful, and we all agreed this made us more relaxed while we waited for our turn to come. I had the Sun A portion for the first time and I fell in love with this training even more! I felt comfortable and strong standing in front of an entire class, but I need to work on my hands on assists. I enjoyed incorporating some Sanskirt as well (day thirteen). Everyone else did great and their teaching voices lighted up the room!

A few grows that were discussed were making sure to use the breath + posture and cue formula (day two goes into further detail about this). Also to make sure you use the correct breath with each movement. Lastly, BE CONFIDENT! Everyone seems to have the sequence down pat, but the nerves kick in when you’re on the spotlight. Just breath and relax and it’ll all come to you come time to teach.

Speaking of voices, I remember taking yoga classes and assuming that you needed a calming and relaxing teacher voice. I’ve come to realize this is in fact not true! If you want to go out and teach with a motivating, loud, emphasized voice…GO FOR IT! At the same time, if a calming tone is your niche, YOU DO YOU!

That was it for day fourteen! So much fun and such a good time. The progress is truly shining.

I am PASSIONATE to learn, grow, and share with the world around me.

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