CorePower Yoga Teacher Training

CorePower Yoga Teacher Training Day Nine

To anyone still following along with my training journals, WE FINISHED THE SEQUENCE TODAY! If you’re just reading this for the first time – we have to memorize the entire C1 Sequence in order to teach (the entire training revolves around the C1 class). The C1 sequence is stacked with poses and series, so this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Everyone did such a great job teaching for the first time running through the entire sequence. So confident, beautiful teaching voices, and smooth breath to movement cues.

One of the ways memorizing the sequence may be easier is by breaking it down into sections based on the series’ name (see below). Many people tend to use their books as their crutch when learning something for the first time (this goes for anything, not just yoga training). However, this could be difficult when it comes time to teach and you can no longer reference your books. The list below breaks down the 11 sections of the C1 sequence.

  1. Integration (Child’s Pose)
  2. Intention (Samastithi)
  3. Sun A (1x slow – 2x fast)
  4. Sun B (1x slow – 2x fast)
  5. Core (Supta, Yogi Bicycles, Boat Pose)
  6. Crescent Lunge Series (Revolved Crescent Lunge both sides, Prayer Twist both sides- Gorilla & Crow Pose)
  7. Balancing Series (Both sides: Eagle, Dancer’s, Tree)
  8. Triangle Pose (Warrior I, II, Wide Legged Forward Fold)
  9. Hip (Half Pigeon, Bridge Pose, Supta)
  10. Spine (Happy Baby, Seated Forward Fold, Supine)
  11. Surrender (Fetal Pose, Savasana)

Prior to doing a round robin C1 class, we ran through the spine and surrender series quickly to feel the sensations in our own bodies. We do this for the purposes of understanding how the pose is supposed to fell within the body. This helps cueing students into postures and assisting with corrections! After we ran through the last part of the sequence we broke down each posture again. The last two series of the sequence really focus on opening through the lower back, surrounding, and calming the central nervous system.

If you’re not sure what round robbing teaching entails, each of us students are randomly called up one at a time to run teach a section or two of the sequence. The other students are on their mats listening to what the teacher in training is cueing. It’s a lot of fun, but it can also be nerve-racking because you’re not sure which section(s) you’ll be assigned ahead of time. This is where I come back to my intention of ‘Trust the process.’ The teacher learns to cue by watching each student in their posture. If they see a misalignment they can then cue from the ground up in order for students to adjust their alignments.

Again, everyone kicked some major booty! Seriously, this was the first time we ran through the entire series! Once we finished the class we went discussed the grows and glows of each persons’ section. One of the grows that came up multiple times was making sure to use the Breath + Posture formula (i.e. Inhale – Warrior II instead of Inhale spiral your arms open Warrior II). Another was that we know what we’re talking about, so be confident and trust ourselves while we’re up there.

The teachers gave feedback regarding glows and grows so nicely. I mentioned in my day one journal how important it is to give feedback. Some people handle feedback differently, but despite everyone having grows and glows to work on, the teachers did a great job. We’re in good hands!

Today was such a blast! It feels as if a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders. Now that we’ve finished the sequence we can really focus on practicing and diving deeper into different verbs and cues.

I am PASSIONATE to learn, grow, and share with the world around me.

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