CorePower Yoga Teacher Training

CorePower Yoga Teacher Training Day Six

CorePower Yoga Teacher Training week two has already come to an end. The amount of material we’ve covered in just 6 training sessions is pretty impressive. We switched things up a little today but TEACHING the entire class ourselves (only through core series)! Each student taught a section of the series with both alignment cues as well as breath to movement. While everyone mentioned they were a little nervous they absolutely killed it! This was the FIRST time we had to get in front of everyone to teach, and I think everyone did a wonderful job. This allowed us to break out of our comfort zones and face our fears!

We went over some glows (things done well) and grows (things that were done well but could use a little tune up) after class. We call these glows and grows based on the feedback discussion I mentioned from class one. Both teachers presented the feedback in such a great matter. They mentioned a number of glows first and followed up with some grows as well. Direct feedback was offered to those who had asked for some extra tips.

A few of the main grows were to take your time, breathe with your students, and remember to cue from the ground up (rather than fixing alignments all over the body). This feedback was great and will be helpful for future teaching experiences/practices!

One of our teachers guided us through the next part of the sequence before breaking it down. We followed our typical routine and broke down each posture. As usual, we discussed the energy lines, misalignments, modifications, and benefits of each posture (used for talking points in class) this is getting much easier to understand as we practice more and more often.

I wish we would’ve had time to teach each other what we had just learned, but our schedule was packed today. I’ll continue to practice at home (our puppy thinks i’m crazy as I continue to talk to myself all day long)! We’re half way through the sequence already and will continue to with posture clinics/practice teaching until we finish the sequence.

A few of my OMies in training and friends of mine have asked about which mat towel I use during practice. Please refer to my Items for Yoga Beginners post!

I am PASSIONATE to learn, grow, and share with the world around me.

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