CorePower Yoga Teacher Training

CorePower Yoga Teacher Training Day Twenty

Day Twenty of CorePower Yoga Teacher Training marks our first class that we taught to the public (bring a beginner day). We were asked to bring 1 or two friends who are new to yoga to take our C1 class. We taught the C1 sequence round robin style, but this time we knew our parts ahead of time. We practiced on day nineteen.

Today was so much fun! I wasn’t nervous a few days before, but when the actual day come I felt a little bit nervous! My fiance showed up for me, and everyone brought their friend or family members! We had a good showing, and I think this was our best round robin yet. Every time I sit back to watch how far we have all come I cannot believe it! Why? Because it’s only an 8 week program and you go into the training without knowing anything for the most part.

The class flowed perfectly despite there being multiple teachers teaching. We were only allowed to assist other teachers in training rather than the other students because we aren’t insured yet. If you take extensions you have to be insured (i’ll write more about this below). Due to the fact we could only assist other teachers, I felt an internal panic when I was teaching and trying to find other trainees. My trainer said he didn’t notice the panic in my voice or teaching but I definitely felt it.

After our friends and family left for the night, we sat in a circle and went over glows and grows as we normally do (feedback). Each student started with their glow and grow and then the teachers provided their own input as well. This went a little bit longer than usual, but the feedback is SO beneficial and necessary. Whether you get both good or constructive feedback you can only grow from taking what you learned and applying it to your next class/session.

In terms of my glows, I felt comfortable, loud, found my own teaching voice, and paced a lot less than I did during the practice session. Grows? I still needed to smile more LOL. I think not smiling comes from gymnastics because I used to flip on a 4 inch beam with people yelling in every direction. That being said, I was taught at a young age in a sport to block the noise out of my head to remain focus. That my friends does not apply to teaching yoga hahaaha. The teachers did say they noticed I felt much more comfortable / more smiley when I was assisting students.

I can’t believe bring a beginner day is already over! I feel as though we just started training one second ago and we’re already only one week away from being done!

As for extensions, it’s another 5 week program after the 200 Hour RYT training gets done with. The Chicago extensions program is 3 days a week; Tuesdays are lectures (learning the music, lighting, sequencing, deeper assists, etc…), Thursdays are practice teaching, and Sundays are the C1 classes that each student round robin teaches to the public! These are free classes, so feel free to invite some friends and join! Unfortunately the Old Town schedule doesn’t make much sense for me as we’re moving back to the suburbs, but I found one in the suburbs that’s closer to me and only two days a week! I’ll miss the Old Town studio and family more than I can put into words, but I know they set us all up for success no matter where our future yoga career takes us.

I am PASSIONATE to learn, grow, and share with the world around me.

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