CorePower Yoga Teacher Training

CorePower Yoga Teacher Training Day Two

When I signed up for Teacher Training (TT) over a month ago, I thought it felt so far away, now here we are already done with two days of training! We started off class today with a 60 minute C1 sequence taught by two of our trainers. This flow is packed with so many postures and I felt fluid!

I’ve only taken 2 C1 classes before, but I’ve watched and read over the sequence a few times prior to training. When I first started yoga I hopped right into C2 and sculpt due to a little experience from being a gymnast and dancer growing up. I always figured C1 was only for beginners; however, I’ve quickly come to realize how amazing the sequence actually is! C1 has almost every posture you typically incorporate in your other classes. In fact, the C2 instructors simply build off and add a little twists and changes to the C1 sequence.

CorePower Yoga Teacher Training
Breath + Posture + Cue Formula

One thing I forgot to mention about day one is the fact that feedback is going to be important throughout the next eight weeks. All of us discussed ways in which we should approach one another with both positive and constructive feedback. I thought this was extremely important and something that should also apply outside of the studio (work for example). Some people can’t handle when another person rattles off 8 things that they could do better all at once (i’m one of those). It makes people feel personally attacked because you start to realize those people only focus on the negatives and forget everything that was done correctly. So, we decided that if there happens to be a few things to fix, maybe only list off one or two to begin with and then see how things go from there. If there’s improvement based on the other feedback, then there may not be a need to provide additional negative feedback. That being said, not all constructive feedback is bad! Without constructive feedback we wouldn’t know how to change things, if people don’t like something, or how to grow! I can’t wait to learn and hear tips and pointers from experienced yogis!

CorePower Yoga Teacher Training
Warrior II Pose

Back to the C1 experience! Both teachers did such a great job with breath cues, transitions, and hands on assists. The teachers cued each movement by starting with the breath, posture name, and then “your” + verb followed by a body part and direction (ie: inhale Mountain Pose – reach your arms up towards the ceiling). One teacher led the first half and the other picked up on the last half. Not once did I feel rushed thanks to the length of each cued breath. We flowed through Sun A three times and the instructor incorporated a Chaturanga demonstration before flowing through Sun A. breath to movement.

Once we started to flow our Sun B, I noticed the instructor adjusting the lights to become brighter. I imagine they brighten the lights as we began to flow more energetically through our Sun B, abs, and balancing sequences. Then, the lights were dimmed as we became to slow down our minds near the end of class. Overall, great class and great pace! I really enjoyed the pressure from the hands on assists and adjusts. They really helped deepen each stretch and twist, and I felt much more grounded than I typically do in class. I’ve maintained a good amount of flexibility from gymnastics, but I always need someone to give me a little extra push to prove to my body it’s much more capable of stretching further.

CorePower Yoga Teacher Training

After we finished the C1 sequence we came together and discussed the class/things we noticed. We then started talking about the “formula” for how to cue postures and transitions. We learned to always start with breath, then the name of the posture, followed by the word ‘your’, a verb, body part, and direction. For example, if were were moving from low lunge to warrior II we would say, “inhale warrior II – spiral (verb) your arms (body part) open to the side mirrors (direction).” I was mind blown after hearing this! Ok, not mind blown but it all makes so much more sense now! I think this is why CorePower’s instructors are so consistent throughout all of their classes. We went through a few examples and the teachers allowed us to practice giving the cues in the correct format. From there, we went over verbs by going down the alphabet and wrote a list of filler words down to avoid (um, so now, that, those). Teachers should always have a wide selection of verbs to use for cues in order for the cues to not sound repetitive. This was so much fun!

CorePower Yoga Teacher Training

Once we finished going through cues and filler words to avoid, we played another round of round robin. Just like the first day, a student would head to the center mat and the next student would cue the student from one posture to the next. This time we used the formula to help develop our skills and prepare us for teaching! By learning these skills, I was able to pay more attention to how my teacher taught the next morning and it has all begun to click.

These classes go by so fast and I’m always looking forward to the next class! Interested in CorePower Yoga? Your first week is free (new students only)!

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