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Denver/Boulder, Colorado – Places to Munch

I’m not sure what was better – the food or the views. Colorado’s restaurant customer service was spectacular. Click here for a list of places to visit while visiting Colorado. 

Next Door:

Appetizer: Garlic & Parmesan Smashers

Oh my goodness these were to die for! Imagine boiling small potatoes, smashing them and then smothering them in butter, seasonings, and parmesan. These were baked or fried which made them extra crispy! These were so good I ended up making them when we got back home about week later (recipe here).

Entrees: Naturally I ordered the veggie tacos which I enjoyed. Jeff ordered the Carolina Pork Sandwich. It had a good texture and the meat wasn’t too dry. The fries were delicious, and you bet I snuck a few when he wasn’t looking.

Drinks: I had the Next Door Margarita. This is your typical margarita that I clearly cannot get enough of. Cinco de Mayo was the next say so I had to test it out early. Jeff had the Tito’s Mule which was also very refreshing after a long day of hiking.

We both ordered a Coors Light because you have to order the beer that is brewed just miles away! Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me but that was hands down the best Coors Light I have ever had. I’m telling you there is nothing more satisfying than drinking a Coors with a view of the mountains. Boy were the mountains blue!

Awesome service and great for lunch & dinner!

Coors Light Mountain Boulder Colorado

Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery:

This place was one of a kind. There were free games and the place was packed. This is more of a casual place that would be fun with a group of people. They brought us a flight of beers to taste test which helped us decide which beer we wanted to order.

Drinks: ‘Jah Mon Ginger’ – SO GOOD! If I could ship this to my home I would do it in a heartbeat. It’s a lighter beer with a fresh lemon & ginger taste that’s not overpowering.

Spectacular customer service. The food looked great as well!

Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery

Snooze an A.M. Eatery:

I could eat breakfast 3 meals a day for 365 days a year.

Entrees: I kept it simple and went with the ‘The Snooze Classic’ (three eggs, toast, choice of meat, and hash browns). I chose bacon for Jeff and he loved it. He ended up ordering the ‘Snooze Classic with Chorizo.’ This kid lives for chorizo.

Sides: Plain pancakes which were so fluffy and delicious! We split these because we had a long hike ahead of us.

Drinks: Tea & Black Coffee

Friendly staff and quick service!

Centro Mexican Kitchen:

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo the right way

Appetizer: Salsa and avocado salsa (guac) – my two true obsessions. Both were very delicious and they kept the chips coming.

Entrees: Jeff had the ‘Combo #3c’ which consisted of one taco, one taquito, and one enchilada. I ordered a simple vegetarian taco plate. We’d go back again for sure.

Drinks: We both had about 3 margaritas (it was happy hour and the margs were half off please don’t judge us)! We also ordered Casamigos on the rocks to sip on for the remainder of the time (I asked for lemons and limes to make this tolerable).

Amazing customer service again. Colorado clearly doesn’t believe in poor customer service. Great for lunch, dinner, or brunch on the weekends! Try to sit outside.

Centro Mexican Kitchen Boulder Colorado Pearl Street

Denver Biscuit Company:

Entrees: Jeff had the ‘Lola’ which was served on a warm buttermilk biscuit smothered in honey butter and maple syrup. The chicken was moist (anyone else hate this word?). and crispy at the same time. I ordered the ‘Dahlia’ and asked for the sausage on the side for Jeff. I asked for an over easy egg and it was probably my favorite biscuit egg sandwich I’ve ever had. The strawberry jam was mouthwatering good.

Drinks: Black coffee (you serve yourself)

The workers were so kind! We sat at the bar and kept a conversation going the entire time. They have games off to the side if interested. Great option here!

*All restaurants above were located on Pearl Street in Boulder (aside from Denver Biscuit Company). Double thumbs up!


All photos were taken by me. Please do not replicate. 

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