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Try walking to your next destination rather than driving, ordering a Lyft, or taking public transportation. When I lived in the suburbs I drove everywhere. Honestly, everywhere. It wasn’t until I moved downtown that I began to be more active. Even if the place I am heading to is over 2 miles away I’ll still walk (if the weather permits). I choose to walk 1.5 miles to and from work each day as often as I can.

Pros: Not only do I save money but I also get in almost 30 minutes of exercise each way. I sit at a desk for 7.5+ hours a day and apparently sitting is the new smoking. I feel better, healthier, and tend to make healthier choices throughout the day.

Cons: It’s time consuming. The bus only takes about 10-15 minutes where the walk takes about 25. Also get a little sweaty in the summer but at least I’m being healthy, right!?


Spring is just around the corner, PLEASE! Bust out those cleaning supplies and get to town on your house/apartment. This may not sound like a workout but I promise you’re burning calories. Breaking a sweat is possible.

Pros: A clean house, duh! I don’t know about you guys, but when I come home from work or vacation all I want is a clean and tidy apartment. My mother definitely passed this trait onto me over the years. Our apartment is pretty much spick and span every day but it doesn’t hurt to dust and rinse every now and then. A clean house personally leaves me in a better mood.

Cons: This may be time consuming depending on the size of your home. Rather than using that as an excuse, start with one or two rooms at a time and spread the cleaning out over a few days. No one likes the dirty work but hey, if I can eat that extra cookie later on thanks to the calories burned – I’m ALL IN!


“The gym is too far. It’s too cold. I don’t have enough time.” Those are just a few of the excuses I’ve made in the past. Time to download the Nike Training Club (NTC) and Nike+ Run Club app! Guys, these are my two favorite fitness apps EVER! Aside from the fact that I’m a Nike guru – this app is awesome and highly motivating.

The Nike Training Club app has hundreds of workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home. There are options to focus on specific areas on your body or workouts with no equipment (body weight). The workouts consist of cardio, weight training, HIIT, yoga, and many more. If you only have a short amount of time there are plenty of 5-15 minute workouts that I highly recommend! I personally recommend the “Quick-Hit Abs” with Cristiano Ronaldo to cap off your night.

The Nike Run Club is another one of my favorite apps. The app keeps track of your pace and mileage while there is also a voice that encourages you throughout your run (optional). There are guided runs, endurance runs, recovery runs, speed workouts, and even runs with an audible story to keep your mind distracted. Check this one out on your next run.


Sitting at my desk all day really takes a toll on my body sometimes. Consider climbing up and down flights of stairs if you’re in an office building with a stairwell. If you don’t have access to stairs, take a few laps around your office or go for a quick walk outside. Fresh air – fresh mind!

Fit Friday

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