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If there is one thing I’ve learned from other bloggers: it is to be honest when it comes to sharing your own experiences. Reviews are meant for people to give their honest opinion. One person may love something, while another may have had a bad experience.

Since 2018 is still in its early stages, let’s get right to the workout discussions!

I’ve been a member of several gyms since I was in high school. I’d hop from gymnastics practice to the gym to keep me busy and happy; however, I didn’t switch it up that often so I began to feel less enthused. Going to the gym seemed more like a chore than a desire at times. However, I’ve recently joined CorePower Yoga and I cannot seem to get enough!

CorePower Yoga has changed me in a way I cannot even begin to describe. Trust me, usually when people make statements along those lines I never have an idea of what they mean or how they feel…until now. Whatever is weighing on my mind disappears not only the moment my feet hit the mat, but also for the remainder of the day. Positive thoughts become a central focus as soon as I enter and leave the studio.

There is a CorePower just steps outside my door, and I have made every excuse not to go until I finally stepped out of my comfort zone in January. I’ve pretty much ditched going to an actual gym daily because I cannot get enough of the 100+ degree classes; which is funny because I prefer being cold over hot (there are only so many layers you can shed). The yoga teachers all add their own twist to each class which helps trick your body each day. CorePower offers classes both with and without heat (C1 – no heat), flow/vinyasa (C2), weights and cardio(Sculpt), and Hot Power Fusion (26 poses). There are plenty of others classes offered depending on location, but these are the ones I have taken. Click here for a detailed explanation of each class.

If you’re new to yoga, I’d recommend trying at least one or two C1 classes. This class does not have any added heat and it will help you learn the basic postures and poses. If you’re ready to pick up the pace, try C1.5 or C2. These classes range anywhere from 85-98 degrees (+ humidity depending on dry climate areas). Sculpt is more of what I like to call ‘yoga boot camp.’ The workout is set to motivating music and includes cardio, sculpting, and a little yoga flow. I jumped right into C2 and Sculpt because I have previous yoga experience and being a former gymnast has helped make the process seem seamless. No matter the level, CorePower Yoga welcomes all levels and I highly encourage each and every one of you to give it a try.  Plus, your first week is free!

New to Yoga? Click here for a list of items to bring for your first class. 


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