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Ah, I need to start off with the breakfast adventure. It took two hours of walking around trying to find a sit down breakfast restaurant only to realize there aren’t many, if any at all. Not only were the breakfast joints nowhere to be found, but it was down pouring and umbrellas were not in our possession. You’re in luck if you’re searching for a cafe like Starbucks or Peet’s Coffee because they exist every 100 feet or so (at least it felt that way). While I love their coffee, I needed more than a scone or an egg sandwich.  For example, my go to restaurant breakfast is a skillet with a side of pancakes! We found that most restaurants didn’t open until lunch time. Click here for a list of places to visit while visiting San Fran.

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana: Located in North Beach. Pizza heaven away from Chicago. I’ve considered flying back just for this pizza! Kidding but not kidding. The thing that sets Tony’s apart from other pizza restaurants is the fact that they offer multiple styles of pizza such as; Napoletana, Classic American or Italian, California, New York, Sicilian, Coal Fire, and plenty more. They even have gluten free options that my friend highly recommends! I love that the restaurant seems to cater to everyone’s taste preference!

Entrees: Napoletana cheese pizza with garlic and basil. Mouthwatering and delicious. Light but not too delicate. My friend had a gluten free pizza and says it’s one of her favorites. Lastly, my other friend ordered the pepperoni pizza in the Classic American style and there was barely any left.

Drinks: I had a Tito’s club soda with a lemon. We also ordered a bottle of red wine because you can’t forget the wine, especially in California!

Dessert: We left absolutely no room for dessert.

Great for lunch or dinner. Great customer service!

Copita: Located in Sausalito. My love for tacos is indescribable. Seriously, I was in San Francisco for 5 days and had tacos 4 times. As previously mentioned, this place is located in Sausalito, which is across the Golden Gate Bridge. The restaurant itself is located across from the water with a beautiful view. Options to sit either inside or outside (prime spot for people watching).

 Appetizer: We ordered the chips & guacamole which were both delicious! Although, I find it hard to mess up guacamole.

Entrees: The Vegetarian and Carne Asada tacos. Personally I’m not a fan of mushrooms and that was the only vegetarian taco option, so I had to take some off the tacos. Other than that the tacos are highly recommended!

Drinks: Margaritas, duh! I prefer my margaritas without the salted rim. Am I the only one who prefers no salt!?

We also had a shot of Casamigos. I love this tequila because it’s crisp and goes down like water! We ended up talking to the bartender for a while regarding tequila. Somewhere down the line Jose Cuervo became the topic of our conversation. Please tell me I’m not the only one who actually enjoyed this brand of “tequila” throughout my college days. Unfortunately we learned that Jose Cuervo isn’t considered a Tequila because it’s not even 50% agave. My whole life has been a lie.

Great for lunch or dinner. Great customer service!

Sausalito Seagull

Don Pistos: Located in North Beach. A small menu with a lot of flavor.

Entrees: Guacamole and vegetarian tacos. The tacos weren’t on the menu but they were able to create a black bean based taco. Again, muy delicioso!

Entrees: Vegetarian tacos. Does this order even surprise you?! The tacos weren’t on the menu but they were able to create a black bean based taco. Again, muy delicioso! We also ordered the chicken fajitas which I was told were out of this world. Consider giving the fajitas a try.

Drinks: I ordered a margarita which was different than usual. It was made from agave wine rather than tequila, but I barely noticed the difference. If you want a beer that’s larger than your head, go with the 32 oz Corona. You won’t be disappointed.

Great for dinner or brunch (on Saturday and Sundays). Great customer service!

Delarosa San Francisco

Tacko: Located in Cow Hollow/Marina. Mmmm mmmmmmm goood! This place was more of an authentic type taco place served quickly. Extremely filling and satisfying! We went here for lunch right after we hopped off the plane (queue the Miley Cyris song). This quick little restaurant measured up to my taco standards.

Entrees: Take a lucky guesss…Vegetariano tacos of course! My friend ordered the  Mexican “Street Style” tacos and devoured them within seconds. The “Street Style” tacos came with three tacos: chicken, steak, and carnitas. If you enjoy having a few samples – the Street Style tacos should be your go to order!

Drinks: I believe we went with Modelos. 

Great for a quick lunch or dinner.

Few other places we visited for a drink (or six):

Original Joes: Good drinks, nice atmosphere and friendly staff. Located in North Beach.

In-N-Out Burger: I tried a single burger even though I’m vegetarian. I’ve seen this posted on Instagram so many times that I just needed to see if it was worth all of the hype. I enjoyed the thin patty but I really wasn’t blown away. If you’re out west you have to stop in and give it a try! (Multiple locations)

The Salzburg: If you enjoy Australian fare, this place is for you. The inside is as unique as its wine bar and menu options. Located in North Beach.

Ace’s: Perfect if you’re looking for a dive bar feel. They make an Irish Cream frozen coffee that keeps you coming back for more! This place is tiny so expect very little seating during games (Wisconsin bar).

Hogwash: Another very unique place! If you like peanut butter and beer, they have the perfect beer option for you! I played it safe and went with the champagne.

Delarosa: This was another delicious place! We ended up here after failing to find a breakfast place. The customer service here at the bar was awesome! The bartender made me a vodka drink with grapefruit and it was delish. We got the “foccacia with arbequina evoo” appetizer. You cannot go wrong with bread, so I will leave it at that. I ordered the “pappardelle with napoletana sugo” which I highly recommend.

There are a few places at Fisherman’s Wharf with views of Alcatraz and the sea lions! Quite entertaining if you ask me. This is another PRIME people watching spot. For example, I watched a seagull land on a young girl’s head 4 times. Stop for a drink, and stay for the free entertainment.


In-N-Out Burger San Francisco

All photos were taken by me. Please do not replicate. 

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