Restoration Hardware Garden and 3 Art's Cafe

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The Allis

This cute little restaurant is tucked inside of Soho house. It’s beautiful inside and feels as if you’re sitting inside of someone’s home. A majority of the seating is comfy couches or chairs which makes your visit even more relaxing! I could’ve fallen asleep right after my meal! We had about 4 different servers. I’m not sure if that was on purpose or accident, but each of the servers were very friendly and helpful.

Appetizer: We (two people) shared the Kale Caesar Salad which was absolutely delicious. The sourdough croutons were a nice touch and the dressing wasn’t overpowering at all.

Entrees: I ordered the Pepperoni Pizza and picked the pepperoni off and gave the pieces to Jeff. He could not stop raving about the pepperoni. My pizza was still delicious without it as the pepperoni gave it a nice flavor.

We also ordered the Sausage & Pepper Pizza. Jeff ate the entire pizza and said it was delicious. Full of flavor and the touch of crumbled sausage made for a great taste.

Dessert: Chocolate Chip Sea Salt cookie & ice cream, mmmmmm! This was SOO delicious. The cookie was warm and was the perfect balance of sweet and salty.

Drinks: Prosecco & Sauvignon Blanc.  Lagunitas Pils & Peroni.

Kind servers. You never feel rushed and the servers don’t come to your table too often which I prefer – that way the dinner is more relaxing. I highly recommend making a reservation here! This place is great for drinks, lunch, dinner, brunch, or simply a visit for tea and coffee. 

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3 Arts Club Café – Restoration Hardware

I will be back a thousand times! This place is STUNNING! The ambiance, garden, and fountain made me feel as if I was in another country. For those of you who have not been here – know that they do NOT take reservations. If you want to avoid a long wait I suggest lining up outside the restaurant/store at least 30-45 minutes before it opens. I got there about an hour before (because I had nothing else to do) and was first in line; however, people quickly starting lining up and the line was wrapped around the building. Off hours tend to be less busy.

If there does happen to be a wait, you can put your name in and walk around the store which is 4 or 5 stories high. It makes waiting bearable and fun! You can also get a drink from the wine bar and walk around with your glass as well. There are plenty of comfy couches and seating areas while you wait.

The servers are very friendly and the food is delicious! Small menu but it has the basics. Their grilled cheese is one of the top rated in Chicago.

Entrees: All three of us basic girls got the RH Scramble. The eggs come either soft (more running) or hard and are topped with chives and seasoned avocado. The meal also comes with 2 pieces of Texas Toast (4 halves). Simple but flavorful and delicious.

Drinks: Prosecco & Belini’s. The Belini’s were perfect in terms of sweetness.

I suggest asking for a seat in the garden room near the fountain. It’s stunning!

3 Arts Cafe at Restoration Hardware Chicago


Absolutely love Ema! It’s a cute little Mediterranean Tapas restaurant. Usually my boyfriend and I are turned off by “Tapas” because we both love to eat, but this place has decent portions for their tapas and they come out one at a time. We usually order as we eat so we know when we’re too full to eat more.

No matter the weather outside, I always feel like i’m inside a summer beach home when I eat at Ema. It’s a very clean, rustic, and beautiful restaurant with views of both bars.

Appetizers: The Hummus Spread Sampler. You must! The hummus is served with homemade warm pita bread that just melts in your mouth. I haven’t had a single flavored hummus at Ema that I did not like; however, my favorite is the Toasted Almond & Garlic.

Crispy Potatoes are also another must! Wedged potatoes which crispy outsides and a warm soft inside topped with cheese and served with scallion crema.

Entrees: My favorite go to is the Green Falafel Sandwhich served in a warm pita. This entree is packed with red onions, hummus, cucumbers, and tomatoes, tzatziki, and plenty of flavor!

The Chicken Kefta, Grilled Chicken, Lamb & Beef Kefta, and salads are all highly recommended. The salads are the perfect size for lunch, if not more.

Drinks: The wines are great, but try one of the cocktails.

Friendly servers and a cute & clean environment. 

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