kitchen renovation: Abt

The why behind our kitchen renovation:

Some of you may know me personally, but a number only know me from Instagram. My maternal grandma passed away when I was 10 from lung cancer, but her legacy lives on forever. She was an interior designer and an unofficial professional chef! My grandma could whip up a meal with whatever she had in the kitchen when guests would show up unannounced or last minute. Both she and my grandpa built a new home the year that she had passed, and that new home consisted of a beautiful white open kitchen. I carry little bits of my grandma with me in terms of entertaining and decorating, so the design of our kitchen is important! I aspire to carry on her legacy, and I cannot wait to do so in a brand new bright and welcoming kitchen with the help of Abt. 

For those of you who have seen our kitchen you’ve probably already noticed that there is nothing wrong with the layout. I’d like to start off with the fact that we are beyond lucky to have been able to purchase such a beautiful home and renovate right away at a young age. Not only this, but we truly understand there are people out there without a kitchen, running water, or a home to begin with. With that said, please note we are grateful for the roof over our heads.

If you are looking for new appliances for your home, please contact me directly and I will share our contact’s information at Abt to help you out!

Our kitchen layout:

Not the most functional, but it works.

To fill you in if you’re not familiar with our kitchen, the cabinets are builder grade from 1993, and they were recently painted white before we moved in which is great (there’s a chip in one spot that shows they were once a dark cherry)!! They’re in great condition, but they’re attached to the soffit and I feel as though the soffit makes the room look slightly smaller/outdated and provides less storage space. We plan to remove our soffits in order to add new cabinets up to the ceiling. By doing so – this will create more storage space and make the room look slightly larger and brighter! 

The biggest issue in our kitchen is that our cooktop and oven are in the middle of our island. Our Island isn’t big to begin with, so the cooktop takes up way too much counter space, and our guests always tend to huddle around that area during parties when we’re in the midst of cooking/doing dishes. It ends up being a huge traffic jam! Our cooktop is also electric, and both my husband and I are team gas when it comes to cooktops! A watch pot never boils…especially if it’s electric, HA!

What’s our plan then? We’re getting two new ovens and a new gas cooktop! We’ll keep one oven in the island UNDER the new countertops, and we’ll be adding the other oven with the gas cooktop on top to the wall under a wooden hood vent. Both ovens will be matching. Two ovens are necessary for us as we love entertaining and cooking the meals vs. catering (nothing wrong with catering)! Our kitchen will be completely demoed starting late August, so we’ll be starting from scratch!

So, what are the changes?

The layout will pretty much remain the same (L shaped outer layout with a center island). Our soffits will be removed and the cabinets will go up to the ceiling with crown molding up top and trip on the bottom to outline the cabinetry. Our island will be wider and longer rectangle to allow for more seating. Reminder, we do NOT have a kitchen table since we use our dining table when we have guests over. With that said, we’ll eat at our island that should fit 5-6 seats when there are just a few of us eating. We also have a section in our kitchen that used to have cabinetry, but now it’s just a wide open space. We’re adding upper and lower cabinets here as well as an appliance garage to store our microwave and toaster oven. Appliances on the counter are NOT for me in OUR kitchen, so removing our current appliances and placing them in an appliance garage will open up our counter-space for more room and a cleaner look.

We’ll also be added at least 9 more canned/recessed lights! We don;’t have much lighting in out kitchen (the picture below does not do justice). We’ll add either a sconce or pendant above our sink, and our contractor is adding smart dimmable lights under our cabinets!

Why did you choose Abt out of all companies?

Better question: why not?!

Quality customer service and consistency are two of the most important characteristics we look for when shopping at any store. Given appliances and electronics are constantly changing and always needed, my goal was to work with ONE company for all and any future necessities (ok, and wants)! 

Rather than purchasing products from multiple stores and sales associates with the chance of getting dinged on prices, I wanted to stick with one associate to avoid reexplaining our wants and needs over and over again. Finding someone with expertise on kitchen appliances was important as well given we have little knowledge on these products outside of Google searches. Abt has always been upfront with their pricing, so we know we’re in the best of hands here.

Lastly, Abt is a family owned company, and they make all customers feel that way. Abt makes you feel as though you’re not just another customer but rather a family member! Every single employee always gave us their undivided attention anytime we have reached out via phone, email, or chat regarding product inquiries. 

How were you able to renovate a kitchen so soon…and why so soon?

If not now, then when?

SAVING! We’ve only been in our home for a year, but we knew the kitchen renovation would be the first MAJOR renovation we’d face (following would be the basement, guest bath, master bath). While we’ve been buying furniture and renovating other areas of our house, we’ve found most of our furniture on sale or clearance, and we have personally tackled most of all our renovations ourselves (with the help of my dad as well)! Renovating yourself helps a TON! We saved $4k+ by painting the house ourselves and a few thousand dollars by doing the floor ourselves as well. We’ve also been investing money into investment accounts along the way to save for the project. This project isn’t cheap, but if you plan ahead for it you can save and feel comfortable when the time comes to renovate.

Lastly, we’re doing this now otherwise we’ll never do it! We would like to start a family sometime in the future, and we know it’ll get pushed off to the side once kids come into the picture.

A big thanks to those who have been following along and providing advice! Every piece of advice helps, and we cannot wait to show you the final product! I will be posting another blog post regarding the process and how we chose the design of our kitchen and cabinets. I’ll also be sharing all of the links to the products we chose.

Stay tuned!

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